Sencam Solutions uses innovative sensor solutions to assist our customers in reducing operating costs, manage risks and optimise business processes. For each of our Solutions we provide you with access to a web browser where data is displayed graphically, as well as a Mobile App that will generate alerts (minimum and maximum values exceeded) giving you full control over your companies’ assets. See the next page (Reports and alerts) for examples of the browser and App.

Typical sensor solutions currently on offer:

  • Cold room management (temperature, humidity, power on or of, air-conditioning pump on or off),

  • Air quality measurement (harmful gas detection like ammonia, carbon monoxide etc.)

  • Voltage measurement (AC and DC)

  • Fuel level and movement

  • Security (thermal recognition, vibration, movement, contact, sound etc.)

  • Tracking (GPS with latitude, longitude, altitude and speed)

  • Water flow measurement

  • GSM signal strength and data balance

  • Light

  • Load

  • Air quality

COLD ROOM SOLUTION  (Temperature, humidity, power on or off, compressor status etc.)

Our cooler room solution covers the full spectrum of events that can lead to stock losses, thereby limiting the risk of costly stock losses. This includes checking if electricity is available, whether the air-conditioning pump is functioning correctly and temperature leakage in the cooler room itself. We also check the relationship between electricity on or off, the compressor pump on or off and temperature leakage to determine which of the 3 could be the cause of a rise in temperature in the cold room. The mobile app will send alerts to multiple users should any of the above problems occur, enabling you to take immediate action to prevent stock losses.

Our cold room solution will also help you save on electricity charges.

We use a very high quality sensor that has been calibrated to be accurate to withing 0.25 degrees down to -40 degrees Celsius, and within 1/3 of a degree accurate between -40  to  -50 degrees Celsius. We have found that most commercial temperature sensors run colder than what the true temperature reading is.

By fitting the our finely calibrated temperature sensor you will no longer be wasting money by cooling your freezers and cold rooms too much, and our mobile App will alert you should the temperature drop below or above your specified minimum and maximum levels. We can also assist in advising how and where stock should be stored in the cold room to further reduce cooling time and costs.


Our air quality monitoring solution monitors the volume and size of air particles, which enables us to detect the presence of either harmful gasses such as ammonia and carbon monoxide, but also detect the volume of good gasses, such as oxygen. This solution is typically used in poultry farms, hospitals, mines, factories etc.


Our diesel monitoring solution monitors many parameters of the whole diesel supply chain process and can be fitted to any diesel container such as generators, diesel delivery vehicles, trucks, utility vehicles and storage tanks of any size or shape. This solution can be fully customized to your unique requirements.​

We specifically track the volume and movement/transfer of diesel and monitor a variety of indicators to determine the operational efficiency of any asset running on diesel. 

With our solution, the following will be under your control:​

  • Fluid level monitoring: Fuel levels are monitored at specific intervals and fluctuations in levels can therefore be detected and reported on a real time bases

  • Notifications on low levels reached via the Sencam Sensor App

  • GPS Tracking: The diesel sensor device includes a GPS unit to facilitate tracking of the asset

  • Battery voltage: Monitoring of voltage to ensure that power to the sensor controller box is always available

  • GSM balance: Monitoring of available data balance to ensure that sensor data can be transmitted and recorded in the database

  • Signal strength: Monitoring signal strength to determine signal quality.


We believe in outsmarting the criminals. They are well aware of how the typical security systems operate and are able to bypass them with relative ease. Our solutions incorporate sensors currently unknown to the criminal mind. They do not expect things like sound, vibration, thermal, light and pressure sensors or movement detection cameras to be used against them. We also install the usual contact switches, movement sensors etc. so the criminals will feel at ease, totally unaware of being detected.

Should any of the sensors be triggered an alert will be sent to your mobile phone so that you can take immediate action. You can also automatically switch on devices such as lights or pepper spray bombs should any of the sensors be triggered. We can work with you to develop solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Our solution also allows you to customise the names of sensors, so you would be able to know immediately which sensor in a specific area was triggered, for instance "movement detected living room". Finally, multiple users can be alerted via our mobile App, so if you want family members, neighbors, and the neighborhood watch to also be alerted when an intruder is detected, our solution is the answer.


Our device can also be fitted with a GPS sensor that provides information on an assets latitude, longitude, altitude and speed. This solution will enable you to monitor asset movement, optimise delivery routes, track sales reps to see that they visited customers etc. It can also be fitted as an additional security device with a backup battery, and even be incorporated with say a temperature sensor in a cold truck. Criminals would not be aware of the fact that your temperature sensor also contains a gps tracking device.


We can measure if your 220V is on or off, as well as the state of charge of batteries. The voltage sensor can typically be paired with a temperature sensor, to give you advance warning of the possibility of a temperature drop in your cold room. Or that your server room is without power. Any application where you need to know that the power is off, our solution will be able to send you an alert stating that the power is off. You will also receive alerts for any device that runs off battery power, when the battery is reaching a level where it needs to be charged (levels are user defined, and multiple levels can be set up per user)


Our flow rate monitoring solution monitors the rate of flow of fluids, i.e. water consumption. As with the diesel monitoring solution, we can track a variety of metrics such as the amount of liters used during the last minute or hour or liters used per user defined period. Want to detect water wastage in a building, or a burst pipe, or determine how many liters are used in irrigation, or if a dam has been filled up? With our water solution this can now easily be achieved.

You are able to view consumption graphs and numbers in a Web browser and receive alerts via the Sencam Sensor App should flow rates exceed user defined levels.


We have developed a scale that can measure weights up to 350kg with a very high accuracy level. A powder-coated steel frame is used for the base of the scale, meaning you can leave it outside in inclement weather. The size of the frame can be customised as per your requirements. Whether you want to see how much gas you have left in your gas bottles, or detect the movement of people or animals crossing the sensor, this solution will give you the answer. 


We have a number of other sensor solutions available, please contact us to find out more.


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