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A large South African company had a problem that they were losing millions of Rands in fuel theft. Sencam Solutions (Pty) Ltd assisted in implementing a solution that would reduce the recurring losses to the company.


Provide a solution that would minimise fuel losses by accurately measuring the fuel levels in delivery vehicles, bowsers as well as the movement and dispensing of fuel at a low cost.


We fitted fuel sensors with GPS tracking abilities to the delivery vehicles and generator’s fuel tanks.

The sensors then tracked the volumes and movements of fuel, from filling up the fuel tank in the back of the delivery vehicle to where the fuel was dispensed. This enabled the company to track when and where fuel was delivered, the time of delivery, and the reconciliation between the fuel movements.

Positive outcomes:

  • Since the volume of fuel was checked, fuel theft reduced significantly resulting in large cash savings

  • Since the movement of delivery vehicles was checked, unauthorised use of company assets was reduced.

  • A reduction in the number of delivery vehicles (Capex) and staff required, as daily trips to the sites weren’t required anymore – the sensors sent through fuel level information which resulted in dispensing trips being scheduled as top-ups became necessary.

  • A reduction in operating costs due to the lesser number of delivery vehicles in operation (lower fuel, maintenance and insurance costs), as well as less drivers required.

  • Deeper levels of insight into the operations of the company – reports were created that could display various metrics such as fuel levels, routes travelled, health-checks and predicting fuel consumption rates and hours to empty.

Future prospects:

Trends and patterns can be investigated, such as consumption rates at various altitudes (generators running too rich and wasting money at higher altitude), maintenance cycles (generators experiencing cycles of increased down time) etc. This will result in the company further reducing its risk profile, buying the correct generators for specific sites and being able to predict when and where generators will fail.



An office building in Tshwane was receiving an exorbitant bill for water usage every month. Their bill was far higher than the average for their size, but they had no way of measuring why and how they were wasting so much water.


Provide a solution that would track water usage and result in a reduced bill from the Metro.


A water flow sensor was fitted to the main water pipe where it enters the building.  This sensor tracks water flow rates per minute, per hour and total usage. Armed with this information, water usage could now be investigated accurately.

What was funcovered:

Consumption rates during the day followed a fairly predictable pattern. Usage would start to increase as staff arrived for work, would spike at around 8am, then again at lunchtime with a final spike at around 4pm, just before staff go home. However, after 6pm it then suddenly increased to more than triple the highest spike during the day till about 10pm, whereafter it would drop to low levels until staff starts arriving at the office around 7am the next morning.

What transpired was that security staff would bring their family and friends into the building after working hours, everyone would use the office showers, do their washing, ironing etc, all on the companies’ expense.

Positive outcomes:

  • Unauthorised access to the building was stopped after 5pm

  • Water consumption rates decreased significantly, resulting in cost savings as well as more effective management of a precious resource

  • Over one specific weekend consumption rates never dropped to their normal weekend levels. Upon investigation a small leak in toilet was found and fixed, resulting in cash savings and responsible resource management.

Future prospects:

Trends and patterns can be investigated, such as consumption rates at various times and seasons to result in further cost savings and better resource management. The next step for the company is to start with electricity usage management, which will also result in further savings that will positively contribute to the bottom line of the company.


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