Bring us your problems, we will create a solution specifically tailored to your unique requirements


Sencam Solutions strongly believes in providing innovative solutions that will drive efficiencies in your business. We actively look for ways to assist our customers in managing risk, saving money and running their businesses as optimally as possible. Our focus is not primarily on providing sensors and dashboards (boring!), we specifically focus on solving your unique business problems first, thereafter we focus on the technologies to be used.

Rather than looking at a business problem in a one-dimensional and singular way, we look at all the factors than has an impact on your business performance and provide a solution that takes a holistic approach. In our experience, most business problems are related and has an impact outside of their immediate area of concern, rendering a stand-alone approach ineffective.


If the temperature in a cold room rises, a simple temperature sensor solution would tell you that the temperature is rising, but you won’t know why it is happening, and you might find out too late to take appropriate action. Our approach is to take a holistic view of the complete temperature management problem, where we then need to consider (amongst other things) the following 4 factors:

1 - Is there electrical power to operate the cooling system? (Eskom and generator)

2 - Is the compressor working (taking into consideration inactive periods where the cold room temperature is sufficiently low so that the compressor doesn’t need to be running)?

3 - Is the temperature rising in the cold room? and

4 - Is the cold room door open or closed?

By combining the above 4 factors into an algorithm we can detect problems in the temperature management system much earlier than if we were simply waiting for the rise in temperature to alert us to a problem, and we can identify where the problem originated from, rather than having to guess what caused the temperature to rise. For security solutions we add in a little extra that thieves and robbers don’t expect, such as a pressure sensor under the door, or a sound sensor in the building. They are well aware of the typical sensors used to detect their presence, but by adding something unknown to them you can catch them with their hands in the cookie jar!

We are agile enough to adapt to your preferences and can literally change any part of our offering to suit your unique needs and preferences. If you require additional hardware we can have it designed and built to your specifications. We have partnered with local suppliers who are innovative themselves and welcomes design challenges. Our solution is scalable and has been designed to be a plug-and-play system that can accept any type of sensor.

On the reporting side we can build any type of reports that you require and feed the data to your database if you prefer to keep data for longer periods.​

You can take comfort in knowing that we have the experience to provide custom solutions tailored specifically to your unique requirements. 

Bring us your problems, we will find a solution that will give you more control over your assets and save you money!


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