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Data obtained from your sensors are updated real-time, providing you with information which are visibly displayed on a browser page in 2 distinct ways. On the left of the screen the information is displayed in a table, enabling you to see the values returned from the sensor (for example, a temperature  of 22.5 degrees Celsius as at 19 October 2018, 11:48AM). On the right of the screen a graph displays the sensor values over the last 36 hours, enabling you to see how the temperature has changed over a period of time. A historical graph is available when data needs to be viewed over a longer period that can assist you in identifying trends and patterns.

Coupled with these reports, we also provide you with a Mobile App that generates alert messages when user defined minimum and maximum levels are breached. Using a cold room as an example: when the air-conditioning units stops working, the temperature in the cold room will invariably start to rise. The moment the air-conditioning units' inactive period and the temperature rises above the limit you set on the App, two alerts will be sent to your phone, alerting you that the air-conditioning pump is not working and the cold room temperature is rising.

We can also provide you with virtual sensors where we combine readings from multiple sensors and combine them into one "new" sensor that will be triggered when multiple related failures are recognised and treated as one event. These virtual sensors assists in identifying problems early on, allowing our customers to take corrective action earlier than if they were only looking at the individual sensor values separately. Using the same cold room example, if the air-conditioning pump fails and there is electrical power available, the only way you will know that there is a problem is when the temperature in the cold room starts to rise. However, this could happen a couple of hours after the pump failed, leaving you with little time to take corrective action. Our algorithms will quickly recognise that the air-conditioning pump never kicked in when it should have, and will send an alert even before the temperature starts to rise above acceptable levels in the cold room.

These alert messages can be set on any of our sensors and we also display the last 50 alert messages raised on the App.

Besides providing you with a browser that displays the data in a visual manner, we can also use visualization tools such as Tableau and PowerBI to provide you with deeper insight and create reports and dashboards according to your specific requirements. Furthermore, we can also assist with data science projects doing real world statistical analysis on your data so that you can focus on investing your time and money optimally.

Benefits of data Analyses & Reporting:

  • Receive alerts about limits being triggered (asset health and usage information)

  • Identify trends so that asset and organizational efficiencies can be unlocked

  • Increasing organizational profitability and minimizing losses

  • Predictive analysis (how long before the generator runs dry, the gas bottle is empty, the water level becomes critically low, the cold room loses temperature etc.)

  • Empowering end-users with the knowledge to become experts in their area of business having the underlying figures to back up actions and explain decisions

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